10.6'x33"x6" Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (3 Colors Available)

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About 10.6'x33"x6" Inflatable SUP Paddle Board 

  • 1. Paddling & Kayaking: Zupapa premium inflatable paddle board has four D-rings for you to connect seat and a 4 pieces aluminum shaft dual paddle. When you paddling, you can choose one way paddle, and when you kayaking, two-way paddle is the best choice for you.
  • 2. 350LBS Max Weight Capacity: 10.6FT x 33IN x 6IN standup paddle board inflatable holds up to 350LBS, you can literally load a family onto them. Our extra wide design-up to 33IN makes the board more stable and much safer.
  • 3. Drop Stitch Constructions: Zupapa inflatable paddle boards can be inflated to rock-hard rigidity, with 2 layers of PVC for exterior strength to pack DS constructions inside, double secure for leaking.
  • 4. Two-Way for Carrying: Zupapa paddle board for adults has the shoulder trap for slightly further distance carrying and a grab handle in the middle of the board for short distance.
  • 5. Dual Action Air Pump: This pump has two actions for you to inflate, which will help you inflate much faster and easier. After using the board, you can use the “deflate” mode to extract the gas from the paddle board, which will be more convenient for you to store it.


  • Paddle Board
  • 4-piece floatable paddle
  • removable fins
  • dual action pump
  • shoulder strap
  • mobile waterproof bag
  • 10L dry bag
  • coil leash
  • backpack


Zupapa 10.6'x33"x6" Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board has a three-year warranty, you can contact us at any time if you have any questions, you can buy it with confidence.

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We recommend that everyone wear a life jacket or personal floating device (PFD) at all times when near, on, or in the water. You may not have time to put on your life jacket if you encounter a water hazard. A lot of people think they don’t need a life jacket if they already know how to swim. You may be confident in your swimming ability, and you may even be an Olympic swimmer! But the reality is that life jackets are important for everyone, even professionals. Don’t take the chance! Your life jacket must be

  1. US Coast Guard-approved (check the label).
  2.  In good and serviceable condition.
  3.  The right size for you. Zupapa is not responsible for any safety accidents caused by not wearing a life jacket.

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