5 Gallon Herbal Extraction Bubble Bags - 5 in1 Kits

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This item comes with five herbal extraction bags, a pressing screen and a storage bag. Best quality, charming and durable. Each of thesebubble hash bags has a specific label of screen size from 25 micron to 220 micron.

Each color ofbubble bags stands for a unique screen size.

  • Purple = 25 Micron
  • Yellow = 73 Micron
  • Green = 120 Micron
  • Red = 160 Micron
  • Blue = 220 Micron

You could use the plant extracts into cooking, perfumes, shampoos and soaps, beverages, and aromatherapy.

  • SKU: EB-55
  • Long lasting high quality nylon material
  • Built in cord for easy binding the bag after being extracted
  • Corresponding color micron bags are labeled for proper order
  • Different sized bags for filtering different grades of herbal resins

Please note that - This is a time taking job, and a lot of ice needed, so comprehensive preparation for it will be necessary. Remove the excess moisture and clean the bucket before another extraction.

  • Line your extraction bags into the bucket, the 25 micron bag the first and the 220 micron bag the last.
  • Fill the bucket about halfway full with enough cold water to cover the bottom of the Bubble Bags
  • Add your dry or frozen plant trimmings. Fill your bucket almost to the top with enough ice
  • Stir the mix for 15 to 30 minutes, adding ice if necessary. Leave it for 30 minutes and let the Extraction Bags work
  • Pull out your Extraction Bags one by one, draining them into the bucket, turn it inside out to collect your herbal extract
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