Maxtra Magnesium Emergency Fire Starter Survival Kit Multitool Flint with Whistle, Compass, Tactical Keychain for Camping Hunting Black

Magnesium Emergency Fire Starter Survival Kit Multitool Black

Maxtra / Fire Starter

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  • Multi-functional Emergency Tools: magnesium fire starter stick, integrated scraper, compass, whistle and keychain;
  • Lightweight and Portable: made from aircraft aluminum and tungsten steel, 4.3 x 0.36 inch/11 x 0.92 cm (L x Dia.), weighs 0.05lbs/21.5g;
  • Easy to Light Up: high quality magnesium rod, suitable for 500 strikes, include kerosene ball for easy lighting, you can light it up easily even in a cold weather;
  • Outdoor Essential Survival Gear: rubber ring integrated, waterproof, can be used for camping, hiking ,hunting;
Maxtra Fire Starter survival multi tool with magnesium fire starter stick, a scraper, a high quality compass, a emergency whistle and a keychain. With this great capability survival gear, you do not need to worry being caught in the cold weather. And it is lightweight to attach on your keys or survival gear bag. It is small enough to even store in your pocket. Awesome accessory to add to your survival bug out bag, rope climbing gear, men's/women's hunting gear, and camping gear.

1.Scrape off black protective coating from firestarter rod
2.Prepare kerosene ball/your tinder
3.Hold the striker at a 45 degree to the firestarter. Scrape striker hard and fast down the firestarter
4.Allow sparks to fall onto tinder until the fire was lighted.

1.The magnesium stick is covered in protective coating. Wipe it off before use.
2.The cotton tinder will ignite quickly with a hot flame. Please be careful when using.

Package Includes:
1x multi-function Fire starter (color: black)
1x gift box

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