Blue Gel Cooling Mat S/M/L Pad Available for Pets

Free Paws / Cooling Mat

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  • Automatically cooling pad provides continuous relief up to 3 Hours, no electricity, water, freezer and batteries required.
  • CE, FDA, MSDS approved, non-toxic and completely latex-free material, 100% safe for animals, adults & kids.
  • S/M/L available, waterproof and re-usable for years, easy fold up, clean with a damp cloth.
  • Portable, can be used at home and outdoor, bed, crate, kennel and car seat compatible.
  • Come with one anti-bite duck mouth shape Dog Mouth Cover Muzzle Mask, made of soft silicone, safe and non-toxic, costs $8.99.

Cooling convenience for man??s best friend!
This solid-gel cooling mat from Free Paws is a long-lasting solution for keeping all your pets healthy and comfortable even in the hottest, most humid conditions. It is a wonderful Multipurpose Pet Care product for older ailing dogs, the cooling pad also helps relax and console a pet that??s recovering from surgery or suffering from pain, swelling, stress, skin conditions, Cushing??s disease, and more. It??s ideal for indoor and outdoor use, like bed, crate, kennel and car seat.

How it works:
The cooling mat can prevent pets from over heating up to 3 hours of constant use.
To re-cool mat, leave it unused for a short period of time.
To a faser re-cool process, place mat in refrigerator until it is cool.
For product longevity, wipe clean and store mat during winter months in a sealed bag to keep gel from evaporating.
Aviod direct sunlight.

Afraid of your dog biting and licking something epinosic and unsafe? Afraid them barking to strangers? No More Worry!
With our dog muzzle, you can protect both your dog and your loved ones! It will not only keep your dog??s teeth away from harming your kids, but also prevents your dog from eating leftover scattered on the street that may lead to food poisoning. It is designed with cute and adorable duck beak shape that will make your dog look even cuter!

Features & Specifications:
CE, FDA, MSDS approved, 100% safe mat/ pad
3 Size Available: 20" x 16" (S) / 36" x 20" (M)/ 40" x 36" (L)
Item Weight: 2.3 lbs/ 1050g (S) / 4.7 lbs/ 2150g (S) / 7.1lbs/ 3200g (S)
Come with one anti-bite duck mouth shape Dog Mouth Cover Muzzle Mask

Package Includes:
1 x cooling mat
1 x Dog Mouth Cover Muzzle Mask
1 x Product Flyer