Sweet Puppy Pet Dog Cat Grooming Glove with Pet Toothbrush

Sweet Puppy / Pet Grooming Glove

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Provide comfortable gentle grooming to your lovely dogs or cats whether on wet or dry hair, the soft rubber nubs attach large amounts of fur fast and easy without any hurt. Simply finish bush shedding hair by petting your pets with our glove brush when watching tv while your pets enjoying a relaxation full-body massage. One Size Fits All: A velcro closure at the wrist to help keep the glove on and an elastic strap inside to hold on for all size hands. The sandwich mesh is more breathable and keep your hand cool, easy to wash and fast-drying. Buy 1 Get 1: Get a double sided dental hygiene toothbrush with Long 8.6" handle and super soft bristles(value up to $4.42) - Helps maintain healthy teeth and a happy lifestyle for your pet. Pets will always look forward for this fantastic experience.
We aim to become the problem-solver for your pet keeping. And this grooming glove solves the following problems, only leaves you and your pets an enjoyable lifestyle!

? Struggles with washing pet during bath time?
? Endless bothering by dog and cat shedding?
? Pets does not like a sharp or metal tool?
? Pets hate being brushed?

Let your pets love bath time and become a fan of your hand grooming massage with our super gentle grooming glove benefits:

? Daily pet grooming and massaging
? Pet loved petting and soothing
? Deep pet coat cleaning
? Nylon mesh breathable and fast-drying
? Adjustable velcro and elastic strap for good fit

10" x 6.5"
Soft Rubbe + Breathable Mesh Cloth

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