Shark Complete Tattoo Kit 2 Machines Gun Carry Case With Key Power Supply Needles Grips Tips

Shark Tattoo Kit 2 Machines Gun with Carry Case

Shark Tattoo / Tattoo Kit

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  • Come with a big carry case with key, do not include tattoo ink
  • 2 Top quality tattoo machines for both shader and liner -10 copper coils
  • High Quality LCD digital tattoo power supply system
  • If you have any question about product or tattoo, let us know. We will answer you with our professional knowledge
SHARK TATTOO is a professional tattoo machine supplier. The reason why we called SHARK TATTOO is that we think SHARK'S SPEED is fast. And our tattoo machine can help you finish your tattoo quickly with our satisfactory customer service. We have our own factory and many professional tattoo machine makers. If you have any question about tattoo, please contact us. We can provide professional advice to you.
Item included as below:
1. 2pcs Professional tattoo machines// Working voltage:7V-10V, Frequency:120-150HZ
2. 1pcs LCD power supply,come with power plug// Built-in short-circuit protection and leakage protection make it safer and steadier
3. 1 Set of stainless steel foot pedal and clip cord with 63inch length wire flexible to use
4. 50pcs Sterile tattoo needles(3&5&7&9RL,3&5&7RS,5&7&9M1)X5
5. 2pcs Black high quality alloy tattoo machine grips
6. 1 Set of Stainless steel tips for practice (3&5&7&9rt,3&5&7&9ft)
7. 1 Set of Disposable tattoo tips(3rt)X50
8. 100pcs Ink cups(medium,small)X50
9. 1pcs Stainless steel ink cup holder
10. 50 Grommets, 50 O-rings, 20 Tattoo-machine rubber bands
11. 1 Set of adjust tools and other attachments
12. 1pcs Tattoo practice skin
13. 1pcs Transfer paper
14. 1 Pair of disposable glove
15. 1 Set of tip cleaning brush(5pcs per set)
16. 1pcs Operation manual
17. 1pcs DVD// Professional presentation, various reference designs
18. 1pcs Tattoo carry case

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