Zupapa Saffun 10' Trampoline With Safety Enclosure

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2019 the new Zupapa Trampoline employs upgraded techniques and technology to make products have a longer life. Hot-dip galvanizing process makes the Zupapa trampoline frame and net pole last for decades. UV absorber uv-9 was added to material, pad、mat and net, to extend the trial life to two years.

Hot-dip galvanization is a form of galvanization. It is the process of coating iron and steel with zinc, which alloys with the surface of the base metal when immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of around 840 °F (449 °C). When exposed to the atmosphere, the pure zinc (Zn) reacts with oxygen (O2) to form zinc oxide (ZnO), which further reacts with carbon dioxide (CO2) to form zinc carbonate (ZnCO3), a usually dull grey, fairly strong material that protects the steel underneath from further corrosion in many circumstances.


Take Zupapa home, bring happiness and safety back to your family!
2019 newest upgraded Zupapa trampoline with the Safer no-gap jumping mat design eliminates gaps between the jumping mat and spring pad, makes Zupapa safety higher TUV standards. Kids are safer from pinch points and openings. It provides safer jump surface while providing greater space for activities.

1 x Trampoline;1 x Trampoline Ladder;1 x Trampoline Enclosure net;1 x Trampoline Rain Cover;2 x T-hook;2 x pairs of Gloves for installation;6 x Wind Stakes;

NOTE: Comes in 3 boxes, might not arrive at the same time.

Best gift for Children
Trampoline can improve the coordination, blance and agility for you kids. And it can get them away from computer games.

Easily Assemble
With the assembly videos and the detailed assembly instructions, you can assemble the trampoline easily.


Real Heavy-duty frame
Much longer net poles and two steel joints, each pole and leg are bungled tightly at two places make the trampoline much safer and firm, prevents structural twisting!

One order gets all the accessories needed.

Comes with 2 pairs of Gloves, 2 Pcs T Spring Pull Tool, you don't need to buy them separately from elsewhere. Comes with 6 Pcs of wind stakes, made of galvanized weather resistant steel. It is easy to ground in grass. Comes with the rain cover, protect the trampoline and the jumping mat during rainy and sunny days.

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